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    I was at our local train show last weekend, and I was ready for some deals. The pickens were slim, compared to last year, but I did manage to get some stuff I can use.

    I got a nice model of a branch line water tower. This comes with a whole whack of congregated tin for the roof and the shed. I plan to use some of my wood for the shed and shingles for the roof and save the tin for other more worthy projects. $10

    For my farm scean I found an old John Deer tractor. Must be an oldy as it has steel wheels. Nice model, as it is casrt in metal. $4.50

    I got a kit of a business car. Its a NMRA 50th Anniversary kit, but I plan to paint it over and use it for the office of my lumber co. $5

    I got a nice little Priesler 0-4-0. It had a bad truck on the tender so the guy knocked $10 off the price. Sweet driver mechanism on this model. Runs great, and I haven't even oiled it yet. $15

    The cream of the crop! I lucked out and found a Priesler 2 truck Heisler. Just what I want for my logging layout. It was the only gear driven steamer at the show. It needs a little work to put it back in top notch shape again, but the price was right, and I'm thrilled to have it. $40

    So all in all I am happy with my booty. I was looking for a box of junk, but there was none to be seen. I did miss out on a few deals I would have liked to get, like an 2-8-0 Revell model kit. It would have been perfect for my shop scene. But , oh well, you can't have everything.


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    Nice haul! No such bargains at Ottawa Railfair this past weekend... :(