train leaves without griver

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    any of you cn fans here about this
    Train leaves without driver
    A train driver had to run down his train after it began moving while he was still on the platform

    The incident happened as the Valley Lines service was about to leave Rhymney in South Wales for Cardiff Central.

    More than 20 people were on the train at the time.

    The driver managed to jump on board and apply the brakes.

    A company spokeswoman said the train went about 90 yards but would have stopped by itself after another 50.

    The Daily Telegraph says passengers on board were offered the option of continuing their journey by bus.

    One passenger said: "The ticket-collector climbed on and seconds later the train started moving. When I looked out of the window I noticed the driver was still on the platform. He ran as fast he could past my window, then jumped on the train and stopped it."

    Valley Lines say they're investigating the matter.