Trailing in Edmonton with A.R.C.

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    Hi guys n gals!
    In this clip we took the day to drive 286 kilometers north to Edmonton Alberta to meet up with Alberta Remote Control (A.R.C.) for a little meet and great and a look see at there popular trailing spot at Fox Drive. For me this was really cool to see some faces from the DRUM RUN as well as meet some new RC fanatics at this location. This city has a really beautiful downtown with the glacier fed Saskatchewan River flowing though it. In my short drive through the city it was evident that the inner-city trails there are in abundance and a wicked place for trailing. There is two local hobby stores to spend your bucks at and tons of pals to go trailing with. I can't thank these guys enough for coming together for an awesome trail run on this blazing hot sunday! Thanks for having me & please enjoy this clip from the day!