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  1. SUCKS.

    The lost my order. I ordered my 1st car on tuesday and called them 2day and they didnt have an thing saying i ordered it so i reordered it and i complained to them a lot so i got free overnight shipping so my car will be here saturday that is if they dont lose it again.
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    Ouch. Did you have to repay for the item? I know when the screwd my order up i had to re-pay, then they found it, and i was re-embursed...
  3. well ya i had 2 repay but i knida lied and said i had overnight shipping so i got overnight shipping free.....=)
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    well, you sure the hell paied for it! Good thing you could at least get that from them. They must bet getting crappyer every year
  5. Woot it finally came and a i got it a day early....
  6. OMg never mind about TowerHobbies sucking....I got a Free TT-01
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    How'd you get it free? ANd i thought you ended up with a TB-02/
  8. i got the free car because the 1st time i ordered the car they messed it up so i called and they said there was nothing recorded. So i reordered it and it came on Friday. When i got home saturday there was another box sitting on my pourch from towerhobbies and i opened it and it was another car. i called towerhobbies and they said keep the car..
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    Damn... you lucky punk. Well, thats cool tho, funny you would have called back, i would have just said "HAHA!" and kept it anyway :twisted:
  10. ya well we called back to check if it was on the credit card but wasnt so...
  11. I don't know alot about that car but how much do they cost :p
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    Where did you buy?
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    Cost is from $50USD to $700USD

    As he said in the topic, Towerhobbies is where he bought it.