Totally off Topic but fun for Movie Lovers

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    Hi All:

    My daughter is a DJ at the University of South Carolina’s radio station WUSC. It’s an alternative type of station with a no top forty policy. The last part means that if a group has ever had a top forty hit then they don’t play their stuff. Therefore, mainly they play a lot of non-mainstream music with no commercials. Everything from country to rap, sometimes in the same set. Gets very interesting at times. They had the hands down best americana music show I’ve ever heard on Saturday mornings from 9-12 called "The Red Bank Bar & Grill" with Uncle Gram and there’s a blues show with "Clair DeLune" that’s also incredible. Think that’s Tuesday nights at 7:00 but don’t quote me.

    Anyway, she has a specialty show on Sunday mornings from 9-12 called "On with the Show". She plays songs and music from Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks and TV shows. Everything from "Broadway Melody 1933" to "LOTR-Return of the King". You can stream the station at their website: and she has a website for her show at: so you can check out her playlist from last week.

    The reason for this post: On Tuesday night at 8:00 EST on CBS the American Film Institute is naming their picks for the top 100 greatest movie songs of all time. They’ve done similar things before for top 100 movies of all time, top 100 comedies of all time, etc. You can see their list of top 400 songs from which they will pick the top 100 at:

    Erin is running a contest, which ends tomorrow (6/22/04) at noon (EST – USA) to see if anyone can guess what the AFI will pick as the top ten movie songs of all time. She has a prize pack (couple of CDs and a few other things that she has bought) for the one who gets the most answers correct. If you are looking for something to do today or tonight and want to try your luck check out the list on the AFI site and then email her your top 10 (ten) list with your name and email address to: .

    Figured with a group this large some of you "movie affectionados" out there might enjoy trying to match wits with the AFI.

    Good luck, back to trains!