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    I just want to kind of clarify things with dead topics. I know that some of the site is very old, from 2004. And recently there has been a growth in interest on the site, which is great. However, you guys are seeing the topics, not checking the date, and thinking they are active. I will warn you now that many of the topics in the for sale form are dead. I would advise you to look at the date they were posted so you dont get your hopes up. This is just so that people dont get mad at others due to a miscommunication. thanks.
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    How come there are a lot of Dead Posts??

    I would have though that a place like this would be Buzzing???

    Most of the Nitro Off Road Posts seem to be dying..
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    A lot of nitro places should be filling out soon. Indoor season just ended in most places. But this place isnt a real hoppin place. Every so often we'll get a few people that stay for awhile, but then dont come back. Drift as it stands just isnt a hot sport yet. Its growing in popularity with the D1GP however. I mean, i went to a Monster Truck show and they busted out RC Cars. Grant it they were crappy drivers (theres new people, and crappy drivers. These guys were sponcered and were hitting walls... thats bad). But its just kinda a slow area.

    Like i didnt make this post to discourage anyone, i just want to make sure people arent getting pissed cause someone doesnt reply to their topic. Thats why some people leave, they dont get a reply. I've been on here since almost the opening of the site... and i dont see me leaving soon. I have a passion for RC Cars and i wont let a dead board keep me from it.