Tom's 1938 Register

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    This is not an advertisement as I have nothing to gain by touting this. I do think that it is well worth the time and money.

    "What is Tom's 1938 Register?
    It is a collection of information, historical in nature, intended for model railroaders who wish to know more about the origins of products and goods available in sizable quantities as of 1938. It includes information such as:
    * Company Name
    * City and State
    * Products made
    * Nearest Railroad(s)
    * Any other information deemed worth passing on, including products used, company size, advertising slogans, shipping information, and what not.

    The 250-page book is organized into categories in a manner similar to the yellow classified section of a telephone book,

    The CD-ROM has an enhanced version of the database used to produce the book, six text files containing pre-sorted database information, and five text files of related information from the book, all in several file formats.

    What else does this collection contain?
    In addition to the Company Listings, it contains information to assist a model railroader in planning the delivery of shipments or designing a 1930s layout, including:
    * U.S. Maps, including two blank ones for making notes.
    * Suggestions for modeling the 1930s.
    * A glossary of information about things mentioned in the listings.
    * A table of weights and measures to help assess the bulk of a load.
    * Railroad name information.
    * A bibliography to help readers who wish to undertake additional research.
    * "Filler" material to convey additional information about various industries."

    The URL is

    I have a copy of this book although I am in the 60s and 70s and have found it to be most useful in my modeling.