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  1. Hi, I am fairly new at this forum. I recently purchased a TT-01, and I am very happy with it. If you are new at r/c drifting and you want a drift car, you need to know that *2WD/RWD WILL NOT DRIFT!* It will spin out or make donuts; I have had first hand experience with this. My suggestion to you is: get a 4WD shaft driven. It's the best way to drift, since belt drives could backlash and shaft driven has good throttle response. You could get a kit, where you have to assemble everything and you have buy all the electrics (remote control, etc.) or you can get an RTR. An RTR is what I got (XB). I got it with a prepainted body, radio control, ESC. I still needed to buy batteries and a charger, but that was okay. Everything together (RTR TT-01, charger, two 1500 NiCd batteries, +tax) was $200 flat. I would suggest this to people who don't have enough money to buy a Yokomo Drift Spec or an HPI car. Although Tamiya has some crappy parts on some cars, the TT-01 is literally indestructible (unless you intend on breaking it). When I got this car, I didn't have Yokomo Single Ring Drift Tyres or ABS/PVC. I used electrical tape. I got the feel of the "drift" on the r/c, and I drained about 5-6 batteries before I had total control. I then went to Home Depot, and got a pipe of ABS for just $1.75. I got the people there to cut it for me, (get it to 1 1/8 inches). Because I didn't have spare rims, I had to knife through my existing tires. After that, I pushed on my ABS, glued the outer rim, and drifted. The car drifts VERY well with ABS, especially on smooth concrete/asphalt. In conclusion, IF: You have a limited budget, IF: You don't want to/have no time to build a kit, IF: You want to get to drifting FAST!, GET THE TAMIYA Xpert-Built TT-01! Hope this helped :D
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    Or you could get a traxxas 4-tec rtr and if you happen to have a pipe cutter go on down to home depot and buy a 4 foot section of pvc for 2 bucks. Oh and I dont know what you mean buy back lash im havin a blast driftin with my belt drive.
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    I drift with a nitro 4tec, it s beltdriven, I have no problem with response or lash in the belts, hell its got 3 belts and no tensioners. I understand what the thought is on belts but the belts of today arent even made of rubber anymore most are carbonfiber or kevlar and just coated with a rubber glaze. they dont stretch enough to be noticed.
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    let me solve this once and for all... belt drive is best for drifting for quite a few reasons...
    1. belt= less weight = less rotating inertia to over come= belive it or not better throttle response

    2. shaft cars have a tendency to tourqe steer... especially evident in shaft cars with mod motors

    3. shaft cars typically have thier motors mounted logitudanally which results in something called p factor.... ever seen a slow mo of a prfessionall drag car launch... see how the frame twists. belive it or not this happens with elctric rcs also and can adversly affect handling
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    i have a tc4 and i agree with you to an extent..the car does torque steer when accelerating but i think it is more motor than shaft...the motor being mounted horizontally is the main problem..take my car for example my motor faces the rear tires.... when accelerating my car pulls slightly right... the motor spins clockwise...if the problem were the shaft the car would pull to the left since the motor pinion spins clockwise ....the shaft (connected to the spur) spins counterclockwise....i also know from my tc3(which use for touring) had the same problem only alot worse when i got into the lower turn motors e maxx does not have this because the motors(twin 550) spin on a single spurone left one right that means the motors have to run in oppposite directions to move the gear in a direction...... later john
  6. ...first of all, if ur car spins out or something cuz its shaft, something is wrong with the car. my car doesnt have anything wrong with it, and its shaft. it also doesnt "twist" like u said spartan. its perfectly fine, and it goes str8. what kind of car doesnt go straight? maybe u screwed up ur wheel alignment.

    anyways, go ask any hobby person/pro r/c dfiter and they will suggest shaft over belt. trust me.
  7. and i ALSO said that it is my SUGGESTION. and pro rc drifters' too.
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    if i read your sig correctly you are running a 27t motors... if you actually read my posts i said the drift off course is much more prevalent with mod motors ie. 9 turn ... ass far as pro drifters in japan ... most run belt cars and if they run shaft cars you will often notice that they are pupose buit one off chassis
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    and also i didnt screw up my cars ... i have both shaft and belt ... and niethr pulls ... left or right ..
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    wow this thread got angry. Lets just all agree that whatever car that anyone chooses to use is long as its a 4wd.