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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by jaxx, May 31, 2004.

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    hey guys, did a search on google, and found your site... so yeah... hey...

    ok, so i just got a TL-01, i have a P2K on the way... 19 tooth pinion... and i have slicks, no inserts... skyline r33 body(which doesnt really matter)

    what should i do to this set up? i also have HPI blue shocks in the back, and HPI white shocks in the front.

    how, or if, should i adjust the camber? rc caraction says -4 for starters... but on the TL-01 i dont see a way to adjust it.

    thanks in advance...

  2. Lets start with camber cos its the first thing that i can remember. The easiest way to adjust the camber on a TL-01 is to go and get yourself an adjustable upper arm set. this mod is as cheap as shit and is available everywhere.

    only adjust the camber if you're using taped tyres or yokomo drift wheels - DO NOT use any camber on PVC/ABS cos it will reduce the surface area, resulting in loss of traction and drift.

    Make sure ur suspension is hard, especially up back cos that will make your drifts longer.

    Do you have ae electronic speed controller? The 3 speed supplied with the TL-01 kit is utter crap. I use a Nosram International - its great.

    Apart from extras like swaybars you have what it takes to drift. I would strongly suggest you replace the cruddy plastic bearings with metal ball bearings because of your 19T motor. this is simply because the plastic one's may melt due to friction and heat.

    Have fun driftin mate!
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    for your tl01 chassis and the parts you have...i suggest you to get a 23teeth pinion gear if you want more accelaration coming out of a corner. if you get the adjustable upper should put the camber as negative as you can to put as much grip as you can in the front without have different types of tires (ex: soft compounds slicks in the front and worn out radials in the rear is not good.)

    with my chassis set up...the only hop ups i have is full ball bearings, lightweight chassis, and hard tire insert. i should also think of getting an adjustable upper arm set. its about 7 bucks right?
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    yeah i got the ballbearing set, the P2K is a rebuildable stock motor, 27 turn, not 19.

    my track is really short, so ill keep to a smaller pinion...

    im gonna see if i can get a nice logo done :) im leaving on the 10th... wont be back till august... so im not gonna worry too much about drifting, even tho i love it, right now i think ill stick to GT3 and NFSU hehe...

    thx guys!

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  6. driftsleeper

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    can someone help me with my TL01 by giving me some tips? :? i setup my suspension all around stiff to lose traction easier, but for some reason...i cant mantain the drift :( . it feels like i have too much traction that i cant break the traction lose. even if im using my 12x1 and 10x3 broken in motors...i still couldnt bring the rear end around :x . i tried different techniques like side to side load shifts, but all it does is it only brings the rear end 180 degrees. can someone tell me the it my differentials, tires, suspension settings, etc.? if anyone can see possible solutions, please tell me right away--anything will help!!!!! :cry:

    thanks in advance :wink:
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    and if your tip is PVC pipes...sorry, but i dont like them. im a former PVC drifter, but i want to drift with actual rubber tires.
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    when i drifted on rubber i used The tamiya radials with no inserts
    specify your tires and i will help accordingly

    also what is your camber set at?
    the rear should be very stiff with the front a bit softer
    which pinion do you use?
    list everything you can and ill try to help

    I also drift on rubber. but tires get expensive, especially when they're gone after 2 batteries. i now drift on pvc. it is much funner on pvc when drifting with others (like3-8 people) since everyone has basically the same control level. I wish my friends had the skill to drift with me on rubber!
  9. driftsleeper

    driftsleeper Guest front suspensions are a lil softer than the rear. i have no adjustable upper arm set, i have mdeium compound slicks in the front, bald stock TL01 raidals with foam insert (a lil soft), im thinkin of getting a 27T P2K motor, i do have a whole set of PVC premoutned already, and thats about it. i put the med compound slicks in the front cus it helps me oversteer a little better--i tried with the same tires all around, but all it does is understeer a lot.
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    wow!! :p raising my stock TL01 shocks by unscrewing the suspension screw inside actually helped me get more drift control cus the raised body helps me swing the rear end a lot easier by doing a faint drift!!
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    a little camber in the front, none in the rear, toe out in the front, stiff rear and soft front, pvc tires, ( so lay in the shocks in the rear and stand them up in the front) to make it softer and harder , after this you should be set
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    shawnalex8 said:
    i disagree with you in the toe-out for the front. i suggest using the toe-out for the rear. but on everything else, you got it right about perfect