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  1. I wish just wondering which is better for driftin in my TL-01.

    Also, should i get two or only one? If one, then should it go in the front or rear?

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide!
  2. driftsleeper

    driftsleeper Guest

    you dont really need new differentials just to drift...all you gotta do is stiffin up all of your suspensions and put some hardcompound slicks
  3. belgiandiftr

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    if u want solid diffs just fill them with some sticky stuff
  4. JDM_Drifter

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    you can fill it with tamiya anti- wear grease i saw this on car action mag a while back it was in the tips section.
  5. i sugest you get ball diffs for the front and rear that way your car will be more tunable
  6. AE86 Drifter

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    i have the ta03 ball diffs and they suck. they are not externally adjustable so you have to split the car in half to adjust them. also ball diffs are solely for racing due to their extreme tunability. in my opinion they are too much to maintain in a drift car. they are meant to be rebuilt on a regular basis which most people who dont race dont do. for drifting a TL-01 i would use the stock gear make them have less diff action you can fill em with wheel bearing grease,hot glue, shoe goo, silicon, etc.
    the ta03 ball diffs are only useful for racing the only reason i have them is for the TCS race
  7. Pooti

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    I just pulled rebuilt my TL01, and reassembled the rear diff with automotive grease jammed into them (solidly!), gave the outside a really cleanup, then i got some superglue and sealed the diff housing so it won't leak grease.

    This makes for a centre with the ability to differentiate, but only slightly. Its like having a very tight LSD centre, and it works very well.

    Maybe next time i'll just glue the rear diff up solid and see how that goes
  8. AE86 Drifter

    AE86 Drifter Guest

    that is a good idea i never thought of super gluing diff. the auto grease shouldnt have leaked out anyways. maybe next time you should silcon or shoe goo it as it will be easier to undo and re-use.
  9. driftsleeper

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    i know what the differentials are for...they're there to transfer the torque side to side depending on where there is more load on a side right? so isnt it easier to drift with loose differentials than a glued up differential? please respond quickly so i can fine tune my differentials.
  10. AE86 Drifter

    AE86 Drifter Guest

    not easier with a loose diff but very hard with a locked diff because the car will just loop out the rear end and spin donuts all day. fill it with wheel bearing grease or if you have nothing that thick you must lube it with some grease the thicker the better!
  11. driftsleeper

    driftsleeper Guest

    damnn...i cant find locked diffs for my tl01 :x :x . im plannin on puttin TA03 ball diffs in the front and locked diffs in the rear. i just dont kno where to get locked diffs for TL01...or do they even make locked diffs for TL01?? :?
  12. AE86 Drifter

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    you will have to lock the diff yourself but i wouldnt suggest it.
    you should just fill it with some thick grease, numer one you wont ruin it and number two a tight diff that still has diff action is way better than a locked diff. with a locked diff it would be hard to drift because you would just loop out too much
  13. shawnalex8

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    do you guys think just the front diff with puty in it would do well
    cause the rear will just put it down to well so i think i should try the front if anything
  14. Guest

    If you're going to lock your diffs, do both, or preferably use solid axles (less weight = more efficient)

    On ultra low traction tyres like ABS/PVC the diff won't be doing anything anyway