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  1. Vinnie

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    hi all,

    This weekend I was setting up my car for drifting. So I adjusted the springs and cambers:


    I also taped the rear tires:


    I taped the middle of the tires because I read this somewhere. But when I drove my car I saw that the sides of the wheels had more surface touching the ground. The tape was stil clear, but the sides were dusty.
    So, do I need to tape my whole weels? Do I have to tape my wheels till only the tape is touching surface, or do I have to keep some rubber? Does the car have to run on the tape only or not?
    And I used some electrical tape, but this has a lot of grip. What kind of tape should I use?

    any help is welcome

    grtz vincent
  2. ruther-TT01

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    I use Electrical Tape on my tyres but not in the middle.Its on the outside of each tyre but not to much tape maby twice round.Leave 1/4 of the tyre untouched on the inside .Works well for me.
    Hope this helps
  3. Kenji_Sasaki

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    put tape on the whole tire. or use hard compound rubber tires