Three axle trucks vs. Two

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    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif] Gentlemen,

    I am running on the new indoor layout now as I continue to work on scenery and such. I have quite a few heavyweights most of which came with three axle trucks. I acquired an older Blue Comet set that came with two axle trucks. They go around the layout much easier.

    I pulled the middle axle from the 3 axle trucks and that helped some but not enough. I had three BB axles so replaced one axle on three of the four trucks on two cars as a test. Made a big difference.

    I have a couple options then it seems. I can replace all the wheelsets with BB and remove the middle on the 3 axle or replace all the 3 axle with two axle trucks.

    Any recommendations from the crew here? Anyone have two axle trucks for heavyweights they would like to trade for three axle trucks?

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    Well, the first thing you can do is get a truck-tuner from Micro Mark, that's a tool that reams the bearing on plastic trucks to the proper size, makes them much more free rolling. Second, replace your wheelsets with metal wheelsets if they're not already metal. Third, a trick I've heard is to put 36" wheelsets on the outer axles of your six-wheel trucks and 33" wheelsets in the middle, the 33" wheelsets will be "just for show" and you'll never notice they're not touching the rails, so in effect you'll be running with two-axle trucks.

    Ooops, I didn't notice that you're running large-scale, scratch what I said about the truck-tuner, I believe that's only available for HO scale trucks.