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    Here's an online aircraft/airport tracking website. If you choose Teteboro- just west of Manhattan, NYC- I live in Larchmont (on the map, north), now I know that I am in LaGuadia's landing pattern. (As I Bar-B-Q I wave to the planes just a few hundred feet over head. They pass directly over at 1-1/2 minute intervals- steady as clockwork.) You can adjust the time/track being displayed. It is archived material- but if you choose a busy- say 5PM, time- you'll be amazed at the parade of airplanes, their flight patterns, etc. Just "click" on a plane and it will give you altitude, origin, destination...

    Point? Wouldn't it be freakin' kewl if and when the railroad industry did the same. Watch and track symbol freights, passenger/commuter traffic. Know the tonnage, maybe even the consist destinations- reporting marks...

    (I might add that I found out about this because a co-worker was killed when on a private training flight near the Westchester Airport a few days ago. One of the guys in the shop back dated the time and we watched the tracking until the plane's icon dissappeared from the screen.)

    Here's the URL: