The world's largest paper ship - built by fourth graders!

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    This is something spectacular: Ten pupils of the fourth grade have built the world's largest functional paper ship over a period of 10 months. They used 300 newspapers (about 9000 pages), 40 m² grey cardboard, 260 l glue and 10 l wax oil (to make the hull water-proof). The ship weighs about 1.8 t and is 5.4 m long. It was constructed like a real boat. Their teacher came up with the project to increase teamwork abilities and to strengthen the community among the pupils. Many people from their hometown Bremerhaven assisted by donating huge amounts of card and paper. Just take a look at these news articles including the fascinating pictures of the build:,743.html

    The texts are in German but you should be able to understand it using google translator. And the pics speak for themselves ;) .

    They expect the ship to last for at least three years.

    Absolutely COOL and INVENTIVE! :)
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    Better than reading all those newspapers, and boat building is more fun too! :)