The Sunday Paper and other Ephemera

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    I've just found a French site somewhat similar to the Barnacle Press ( and Mind in Disguise Designs ( All contain old materials from various sources, especially the kinds of paper models and moveable paper toys that appeared in Sunday papers in the 1930's and earlier to amuse children. I like these sites partly for social history, but also because they remind me of forgotten elementary techniques for moveable toys. Some of the models are actually pretty high in quality. There are other kinds of paper-related things, postcards, cartoons, illustrations, etc.

    The French site I've found is a gold mine, and you need more patience than French. I feel as if I'm having to go through movie credits before I get to the good stuff, which is at the bottom of the page, at the right-hand side. These items are from many sources, including some Epinal materials I've not seen before, some good railway stuff, and quite a few movable toys. The blogger has been making nearly daily entries for two years.

    Try this: