The Paper Town of Spayneville

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    May 22, 2007
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    I've been working on Project Spayneville for the last week which aims to build a card model town based from internet submissions from fellow modellers.

    Here are some pictures tracking it's progress:

    RIght at the beginning.

    Added posters, labels and first building --- a butchery.

    Water tower by Mike Hungerford from California.:)
    With customizable roads.

    Some close-ups.

    All models are free for download and to make.

    If you're interested in helping it grow, please do send in your own submissions, your models will be featured on my blog.

    I will be continuing to make models of my own, but with help from you guys, the town will grow faster.:)

    Some of my other work:
    Replicas of gaming consoles and gadgets including PS3, Xbox360, Xbox360 HDDVD drive, and a Nintendo DS Lite.