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    The North American Rail Alliance was origonally founded by Robin Mathysen and myself Johnathan Edwards to conect his freelanced Canadian railroad with my freelanced US railroad.This was so much fun we decided to invite others to join us.

    Origonally NARA was for freelancers only ,but Robin and I soon decided to let anyone modeling the North American rail scene to join us.In fact the only rule we have is that you are modeling North American railroading.This includes Canadian,US and Mexican railroads.

    Now NARA is a group of people worldwide modeling the North American rail scene.We are not and never have been gender or racially biased .We have several lady members at this point,but I can't tell you if we have any people of colour because we don't ask.

    Besides if you have been in this hobby or on the net for any length of time you are aware of the fact that modeling ability has nothing to do with either gender or skin colour.

    At this point in time NARA has members in Australia,the United States,Canada, England,France,and Sweden,as well as Portugal,Switzerland, and South Africa.

    We are a multiscale group consisting of both Freelance and Prototype modelers.We model in both standard and narrow gauge .We do logging ,industrial ,shortline.In short any kind of railroading you can think of.

    Interested in joining NARA? You may check us out at the North American Rail Alliance

    Can you tell that NARA is about North American railroading??
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    Hi Catt. Can you change my web site to and discard the old wet side URL. Thanks

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    Dick I have added the new trackplan for you,but that's the same url that is on the NARA site. By the way you need to do the url part like this {url}&&**(() {/url}.Replace these {} with these [] though to make it work.

    Don Day welcome to NARA. Your already a member of the official NARA forum .:D :D

    Did I mention we now have 88 members? Would be nice if some more of the ladies joined.
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    Thank you sir, 'tis a pleasure.

    Uh, now would you point me to the NARA bar???:D :confused: I'm assuming that all members in good standing have bar privileges.....:rolleyes: