The Maricopa Express Youth Railway,Inc.

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    The M.E.Y.R. or Maricopa Express Youth Railway,Inc.
    wants to Start a New Group in the Mayer,Dewey,
    Cordes Lakes(Cordes Jct.),Spring Valley, and Prescott
    Valley Areas.This New Group will be formed under the
    M.E.Y.R. to further Model Railroading, and Railroading
    Activities where the Youth and Adults are concerned.
    We would like to Establish a Railroad Park in the area
    of Mayer-Dewey(around Poland Junction) in the
    Bradshaw Mountains on Land(60 to 100 Acres) Donated
    by the State of Arizona or Yavapahi County.This Railroad
    Park would be called the Prescott and Eastern Historic
    Railroad Park and be located on Land Adacent to and
    Traversing the Right of Way of the Santa Fe-Prescott
    and Eastern Railway. The M.E.Y.R. would be the Agency
    for all Land and Equipment to be Donated as they are
    501(c)3 , a Charitable/Educational ,Railroad Oriented,
    Tax Exempt Designated thru the IRS.They can give a
    Tax Receipt for All Land and Equipment(Including Rolling
    Stock,Engines,Stations,Line Side Equipment,etc.) with
    their Tax Number on it By Request.We the Maricopa
    Express Youth Railway are looking for Adults to form this
    New Group, and to be able to extend their Expertise in
    the Hobby of Railroading and Model Railroading to the
    Youth of our Local Communities to Include Cordes Lakes,
    Mayer,Spring Valley,Dewey,and Prescott Valley.After the
    Group is Formed and a Plan of Execution is Established,
    then Information would be sent out to the School Systems
    of Humbolt(Prescott Valley,Dewey),Mayer(Mayer,Poland
    Junction,Spring Valley,and Cordes Lakes) to see if they
    want to participate.The youth learn by doing,and want to
    participate in a Railroad Youth Learning Program.You can
    contact Me(Towerman8) thru this site(The Gauge) for
    further information.The M.E.Y.R. has been Incorporated
    thru the State of Arizona since 1985, and is Associated
    with the Teen Association of Model Railroaders.We have
    a Web Site at: with
    Links to other Railroad and Model Railroad Sites.We invite
    All that may be interested.