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    One of our members told me he was surprised to hear we had a The-gauge yahoo group, so I thought I would re-introduce it. The purpose of the group is mainly to share data and files that don't fit here (due ti file size or file type limitations). We do not talk about trains on the group, as we don't want to leave out any gaugers who are not in the yahoo group. Membership is completely optional. You can also upload photo's, as desired. Right now, there are Loco instruction sheets, track plans (mostly RTS files), info on operations, Making Pantographs with Jigs, Casting with RTV molds/resin, Roundhouse plans, How to build a home made hot wire foam cutter, etc.

    Another benifit of this group is, in teh event of a catasrophic failure of this site, the-gauge, I am able to send a message through the group, with any updates as provided from "Up Above" :D

    Joining is optional, and if someone wants anything I've posted there, but does not wish to join the group, I'm happy to e-mail it to them.

    I approve anyone as soon as I see the request, and attachments are not allowed, so viruses and the like have not been a problem. There has never been any spam, and only 74 messages in the 3/4 year it's existed, mostly regarding the BIG CRASH. :D :D :D