The English River & Eastern Railway

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    Finally construction has started on the ER&ER, a fictional shortline in northern Ontario connecting to the CPR and serving industries near English River and nearby.

    My preliminary trackplan was posted in this thread:

    The layout is designed to be run point-to-point from the CPR interchange (marked "A") to the end of the line, marked "C". There is a (hidden) cutoff at "B" to allow for continuous running when I don't feel like operating.

    The trackplan was designed for #6 turnouts (except in the interchange) and 24" curves, although I will probably change that to 22" curves with easements. The overall layout is 10' x 6.5' with a duckunder :cry:

    Here's the finished benchwork with a layer of 1/2" foam insulation.

    The gap near the back corner will be where the line crosses the English River.

    Next steps:
    1) Install backdrops along the walls and down the middle of the front section. This will be much easier if done before tracklaying and scenery.
    2) Buy all the track I need. I decided on code 83, and all I have so far are two #6 turnouts. Once I have the track, I can play around and finalize the plan before I glue down the roadbed and track.

    This will go slowly since I only have a few evenings a week to work on it, but it's nice to finally have begun!

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