The easy way for body post holes

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  1. I do not know if this has been discussed before, but the way i have been doing it for a while is this. I would mark the spot for the posts before painting, and then after the body has dried, take an exacto blade or a razor knife and on that mark you put on the body, start applying some pressure to it with the blade, just enuff to get the tip slightly in the body. Slowly start twisting the exacto knife and it will act as a small drill. Then you can take a drill and a drill bit and make your body post holes easier.

    Thanks, and hope this works. I hope i explained it enuff.
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    Thats almost exactly what i do, if i use a pretty narrow bladed exacto i dont even need the drill bit but i like my post holes really snug..
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    hey guys i have a really good idea for eliminating body posts.
    i am going to take step by step pics and post it in tut section if it works. If it does work i will no longer need body posts, but if it doesnt work...well then thats gonna suck
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    i use a dremel with a cone shaped grinding wheel to make the body post holes.

    poke a small hole with a xacto blade to start, then use the tip of the grinding cone to make a small hole, to make it bigger, just push the cone down until you reach the desired radius

    then touch the underside of the hole to get rid of the flash

    perfect, smooth and round body post holes!

    - Brian
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    Just buy a lexan body reamer. it's the best
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    Not better then a dremel. It makes the SMOOTHEST and easyest cuts ever... Iv tried a reamer, dremel, drill... drill press, and exacto knife. Of all, the snugest was exacto (so snug i didnt run body posts) and the dremel was REALLY snug, but much smoother and easy on the posts.
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    Well, I put that reamer on my electrical drill, and wham! a perfect hole in no time.. I tell you, i'm gonna stick with that.
  8. yeah I used to use a exacto blade for the holes but you dont get a perfect hole everytime so I switched over to the reamer. Here is a link to a cheap Du-Bro reamer and lexan body scissors. Also if you wanna make perfect wheel wells I recomend getting a OLFA circle cutter. Its like a compass with a razorblade. I have used a compass but it dosnt work as well as a circle cutter. I got my circle cutter at the local craft store :)