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    Beautifull big and bad

    Grandson Peter
    you done a Beautifull job on BUff I saw a lot of these durring the Vietnam war, I seen alot of them in Thialand I beleive these are the oldest aircraft that we have and has been in use scince 1952 what an airplane. you captured all the detail of the real bird the paint schedule was that of durring the Vietnam war. Exlent work Some day i will build one of these All silver aluminum with Floresent Orange paint on the tips and tail NASA along with the Scott Crossfiels and the X-15 A HARDY WELL DONE:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Oh that's right... make me all JEALOUS :mrgreen: Pleased that you like her :thumb:

    My dear Grand dad Boats. Many thanks for the nice comments, means a lot to me. The version you refer to is one of my favourites too. The NB-52A {20003} with the X-15. I love this colour scheme, very bright and vibrant :thumb: I was going to be building this version - but that isn't going to happen, you will see why when i start work on the next project - This will be a big surprise for you and some of the other guys too. No clues, so just be patient, and all will be revealed soon :twisted: