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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by SpArKeY_STi, Jun 29, 2005.

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    So, i get my license in a week. First car idea was STi, then that moved to a truck, and STi for graduation. But now its totally different.

    So then, my delema is if i should get a 240SX, or a S15. I can get a 95 240SX for $4280, and i havent yet found a S15... but im sure i can :roll: My guess for the S15 is around $6. My biggest thing is, i dont know CRAP about the 240SX, other then its one ment to go sideways. I know in the S15, id drop a Jap SR20DET, and Kei Office Suspension and Exhaust, Garret turbo... my plan for a 240, RESEARCH! Wee, that sounds fun..

    So what one should i get?
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    Well your in luck because, previous to my r/c car antics I drifted 3 different 240sx's in my earlier years.

    Firstly, s15 not happening in the us never made it and the closest you can get is a conversion for the kouki (97-98) and there are some out for the earlier models also it is stated alot as a "strawberry face conversion" for an s14 or s13's, masa makes good kits etc.

    As for the sr20det, you need to decide where you want to put your money into there are four versions of an the sr20 motor for the 180/240sx and one other called a blackbird which is for a the fwd crowd.

    s13 - redtop - Best bet on parts and larger intake ports
    s13 - blacktop
    s14 - blacktop/vvt
    s15 - blacktop (most current version)

    Ideally if your going the route it depends on what you really want to do if you want to drift i would push you towards the s13 (89-91- ) simply from a parts and weight distribution area you are better off going that route.

    If you want to drift some, but also have a newer bodystyle then the 95/96
    are good weight distribution is still good as with most nissans a little heavier but ive bashed in a few fenders on my old ones of these.

    As for turbo upgrades, install cost etc I can list just about every single cost and part...THe biggest headache in swapping is simply the wiring harness of which I would suggest you send off and let someone do it for and I have plenty of references for this one.

    As for the engine, well the cheaper you go the shittier it will be, anything from cracked blocks, thrown rods etc etc. I have some very reputible friends here in dallas and across the US that you will pay a bit more for the engine than say an "ebay" engine but you will have no problems with it and if you do they will be more than happy to work with you on it.

    So with that said ask away...
  3. ok to tell u the truth i would get 240 at all. :twisted:
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    Lol, you know me to well...

    Alright, the ONLY reason the S15 is a viable option for me, is because of Joul. If you subscribe to Modified Mag, you seen his white Skyline thats fastest in america, well, he has AWSOME ties to the REAL Joul in Japan! So he is able to import cars, and i have seen 1 here in colorado accually, and i believe it was for sale. I hope to run across it again.

    Secondly, i want full blown drift. Sure this will be a daily driver, but i want full on drift ability. I dont joke with stuff like that. Im not one who can drop a fwe grand, and just drive it on the streets. I buy a car for a purpose, im going to use it for that. The only bad part would be having to adjust it all the time :roll:

    And i just LOVE the looks of the S15, but if the 13 would be better, and i can find it, then ill go for it. However, im leaning twords the 240 because its only like a mile away from my house at a dealership for $5 ^_^

    And with what im willing to pay, i want the best. I wont settle for crappy parts, if i cant find a real SR20 (with whatever you syay i should get) then i will wait till i can, or till i have the money for it. I can get a lot of stuff installed cheap, i have connections :lol:

    But im just confused on Importing the Silvia (any of them), Or just going for the 240SX thats right down the street.

    My first real question i would like awnsered tho is, are there any things i REALLY need to look out for when looking at them? (IE, RX-7's have rotory problems and wireing, makes them REAL bad cars)
  5. If you can you should get 1 imported you should do that because everybody in america that wants 2 drift has a 240sx and they buy a body kit for it then call it a silvia whne really its still a 240sx
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    Ya, but its like $7k just to get it threw customs here and for shipping. So add that on to $8 for the S15, and your looking at big bucks. If i do that i mise well go my original idea and get the STi and go RWD

    And no matter what, if for some reason i have like $3k just chillin oneday, ill have the drive swap. Its usually not to complicated, but you han import the dash from the jap car, and just have the stuff put in. and then id sell the parts not used and removed to make some of the money back.
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    Can it be imported sure, ill give you a list of companies in miami and in la that will get it to you but it will be grey marketed, not street legal and most likely will get stuck in customs.

    People do have them here, but there is only one car in this catagory that can be legally brought over and thats the r32,r33,r34 skyline and thats from skyline motorsports in california and that will run you a decent chunk of change because of DOT regulations and testing that has to be done to become street legal.

    Trust me when I say its deffinatly possible to get a silvia over here regardless if its and s13/s15 but its not going to be legal.

    Lets put it this way my first s13 i swapped a sr20 into was an 89 that i swapped over in 95 before the crappy trend whores started pulling the crap out of the junkyards and trying to drift. Im no expert at drifting trust me, i used to be pretty decent however I have had and loved nissans more than any car and...
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    Ill probly end up just getting the 240SX. Im going to look at it tonight. I mean, its just so much easyer, and its already leagalized and such.
  9. Thats the best idea
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    Hey sparkey i love you man but 240sx's are rwd :)
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    ya lost me.

    Doesnt matter, i went to go look at it, its sold.

    But my VERY first idea was wait and get a STi for graduation.

    Then it was Get that STi and make it RWD for drifting

    Then it was get a truck, wait a while for a car

    Then it was get a drift car, and get an STi later

    Now its kinda WTF?!?? WHY CANT I FIND WHAT I LIKE?!?!?!?!? >_<

    So, as of now, im looking to by most any Silvia, RX-7, 180SX or a 240SX. Whatever i find that i can buy i will...
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    Lol, now i gota add to the bottom, "Other RWD cars"

    Now im kinda wanting to get away from the "Norm" You know, Hatchis, Sileightys, RX-7's ect... i want something people go "WTF?" But that is somewhat cheap (not build, price) but im not good with RWD cars... im tying to find a list of them...
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    Lol... i hate being 16 sometimes...

    I found one more 240SX in colorado, and a "S15". Im gona call on them tommarow. If they are sold or whatever, im screwd. Im buying a $800 truck for my bike till i can find something of the drift purswuasion (probly wait for a RX-7) or ill go back to a STi