The 4th of July 2005

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    Jun 26, 2005
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    Hi people;
    Well here we are on the 4th. of July 2005,As I sit back and toss back a few after the art studio cabnit hanging expidition,I'm sitting here writing to all and listening to oldies from the 70's and 80's,I also have the time to sit back and reflect about the cost of freedom we now enjoy in our country.As a 20 year vet from the Air Force,I can assure you that I cringe at the thought when someone says we schould not be sending our boys and girls overseas,I stand fast for a minute and then correct them,we do not send boy's and girl's overseas,we send men and women to help preserve the writes we so much enjoy.Let me be honest with all of you I never was in combat situations,I was crash rescue for the time I was in.Nothing heroic just do my job,and make sure the guy who landed the craft with trouble walked away ok.So lets remember not only the troops from our country on this day of freedom,but the other colalition countries that are helping to preserve our and there writes of freedom.In closing I will say to all of you,
    I bid you and yours peace as it stands...
    Mike{aka boomboom}