TexNRails Experiences?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nolatron, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if any other folks here has had experiences dealing with the site https://www.texnrails.com

    I placed an order for a brass searchlight kit back in January and the item has yet to arrive. I emailed several times over the past month and hald and never got a reply.

    Mid february I had new baby so the order wasn't priority at the time until last friday when I finally got ahold of lady via a phone call.

    She couldn't find anything about my order, and proceeded to take my shipping address, then suddenly wanted to charge me again. After offering to provide proof my bank account was in fact billed for the order, she suddenly found the order and said it shipped, but didn't know how.

    She told me she would check and call back Saturday with the info. Well, that never happened.

    Today I called back and she told me the item was shipped priority mail on January 18, and that I should check with my mailman to see if the package was being held (for almost 2 months??).

    She then pretty much started passing the blame to me because I picked Priority Mail shipping, because they have to go stand in line or whatever.

    The package was also not insured and had no tracking confirmation on it. Again saying that was my fault for not requesting, despite the fact their website says nothing of sort about insurance/tracking being extra.

    I doubt the mailman is going to have my package. When I asked what do I do if they don't, she pretty much said "Oh well". So I'm not sure what the next step is, besides talking to someone named Brad about getting my money back.

    I may just take the $20 loss to simply not have to deal with these un-friendly people.

    Is this a recurring scenario for this site? Anyone else have good or bad experiences with this site?

    Sorry for the long rant.
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    I've been to their "store" twice. They have quite a large selection of stock on hand, that seemed to me, very well organized. (I bought one item online, and one item in person, if memory serves me correctly.) But I will say this...the gentleman I spoke with (and I believe the owner of Tex-n-Rails) was very knowledgeable of his stock and shipping. His mother (at least that's who I thought that person was) did not seem as knowledgeable, and as such, I would question the information I received from her. Please understand, I've visited the store twice and only have those two impressions of the operations and that isn't the best measure of how they operate day-to-day. I would suggest you contact the owner (the son of the elderly lady you spoke with?) and see if he can solve your problem.