Team De Rooy Assault on the 2005 Dakar

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    Hi all,

    As some of you know, I love the Dakar rally,
    if you didn't know, check my avatar <<<<<<<

    Well, on to the main reason for me posting,
    Team De Rooy out of the Netherlands has posted on their website
    paper models of the 5 vehicles which will participate in the 2005 Dakar.

    You can find them here

    Now as for your viewing pleasure, SpeedTV here in the States will not carry the Dakar this year, as they did in the last couple of years.
    Outdoor Life Network will, but the only gripe is that they will be start their coverage on the 22nd of January, 6 days AFTER the race is over, but they will be showing one hour specials each night til 27th, and on the 29th they will have a 5 hour marathon of shows from 2 pm to 7 pm.

    As for the models, I got mine printed out, ready for building tonight

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