tc3 lops out one way but barely turns the other

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by sidewaysman, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. sidewaysman

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    rite now im using electric tape wheels. goin' to pvc. my car loops out turned to the left and does donuts. but hardly turns to the right. what am i doin' wrong
  2. driftsleeper

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    check your steering arms and your servo. it sounds like you need to readjust your servo alignment, cus it shouldnt be doing that. and, if you havent already, put tape on all four tires.
  3. AE86 Drifter

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    it could also be the diffs hard to say though without actually seeing or driving the car
  4. sidewaysman

    sidewaysman Guest

    the rear arms were not equal. now usin' pvc tires. kinda loops out both ways
  5. Guest

    rear arms not being equal shouts at me that the shocks are all different lengths


    there are unequal inner spacers in the shocks


    the downstops are not the same


    spring preload is different on both sides of the car


    the bottom shock mouont is in a different hole


    the top shock mount is in a different hole


    something dead simple like a stone chip stuck in the inner hingepin (put a bit of very soft foam in that space to prevent this :wink: )

    If you don't have downstops then its shocks, take them off and measure the lengths between the screw eyes when the shocks are fully extended, if you can measure them with a vernier/digital caliper. You can get them the same length by simply screwing the shock rod ball mount

    Basically your car has to be tweak free before running it because it makes a big difference with miniscule traction

    Here's a brill tweak tutorial on Losi's site

    and here's Tony Phalens (Associated Pro Driver) tuning database

    there's a link about tweak there too!

    ...oh yeah, it loops because it wants to Drift, try controlling it, but forget everything you know about grip driving, this wants to go sideways, your initial reaction will be too cut the throttle which just throws the back out further, try using opposite lock (steer in the direction the back end is swinging) then feed some throttle in, the 4WD will pull it back in line

    Enjoy :wink:
  6. sidewaysman

    sidewaysman Guest

    there was a rock stuck under the inner hinge pin. i was setting steering trow w/ my new radio. all fixed
  7. Guest

    note the tip bud