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    OK, I'm an old hand at rc cars (started in the late 70's) and done my due diligence concerning setting up a car for drifting.

    What I want to see are specifics, not hard/soft etc.

    I'd like info on:

    1. Front Diff
    2. Front shock spacers (inside the shock)
    3. Front shock oil
    4. Front shock spring
    5. Front shock mount points
    6. Front camber mounts
    7. Rear Diff
    8. Rear shock spacers (inside the shock)
    9. Rear shock oil
    10. Rear shock spring
    11. Rear shock mount points
    12. Rear camber mounts
    13. Motor
    14. Gearing
    15. Wheelbase
    16. Front Toe
    17. Rear Toe
    18. Battery position

    Obviously the settings will be different for PVC/ABS/tape, I'd like info on PVC setups.

    The list might look too finicky but that's the old circuit racer in me

    - I amended the list -
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    Welcome to the forums, lets get this guy some good information on specifics the answers to this forum should deffinatly become a sticky topic ...
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    First id have to say, welcome. Second, its mostly personal preferance, so some might be a little diffrent, just try some out and see what you like best.

    1. I use a Loose setting to where it grabs and is AWD, yet has more power in the rear. Sorta like a 35%/65% ratio
    2. Not sure... im not to big on shocks. I use Stock from a TC3
    3. 50 Wt
    4. Im useing AE Silver
    5. Stock TC3
    6. Stock TC3
    7. Locked Rear.
    8. Stock TC3
    9. 50 Wt
    10. AE White
    11. Stock TC3
    12. Stock TC3
    13. Whatever you feel is good for you. Im useing a 19T Spec Trinity Chameleon 2 as thats what we are racing at the track and i dont feel like changeing it just for drifting.
    14. Again, kinda personal pref, but id recomend gearing kinda low as to get more tourqe in the wheels.
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    thanks for making this a sticky, Im gettin a TC3 adn woudl love inof on setups
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    Hey that's really cool that this is a sticky :)

    Anyway, I ripped up my track setup sheets and started again, you can see my initial settings in THIS TC3 setup sheet

    This is the setup after a few packs testing


    Now this is a section of RC Cars I am gonna love
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    Tried it today on a smooth surface - it's too slow, try a 20T pinion or go back to the 78T spur.
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    It was quicker and Drifts better, so now it's set up with 72/17

    ...downer is the reduced run time
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    runnin a tc3. i use pvc wheels. stock tc3 everything. i want my rear end to be stiffer and more planted. what should i try
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    run stiffter springs (about a yellow) and kinda run light shock oil. That way its stif, but doesnt bounce to much
  10. sidewaysman

    sidewaysman Guest on spreadsheet u didn't mark ride height, droop, lower shock mounting posistions, or lower rear camber links mounts. could u clue us in on that. those specs could mean the difference between drifting or not. thx a lot.
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    Could you clue us in on what your talking about?

    Cause if you just saying why he didnt ask for those specs, maby he didnt want to. Maby he already had his mind set on thoes settings and didnt need them...

    But if your talking about something else... plz clue...
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    the linked spreadsheet on the sticky.
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    Spot the deliberate mistake :oops:

    Sorted now though, BUT, I'm using the stock (original) arms which only have one mounting hole, so I guessed on the sheet :?:
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    Sticky, what ya got so far? im building a tc3 rally
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    Just felt like i'd chime in and mention that on page 23 of the manual it mention's the wheelbase being adjustable by moving the spacer's on the mount's at the rear arm's. It also mention's that when the arm's are in the back [Longest wheelbase, Both spacer's toward front of car.], The rear end has less traction. Not sure if you guys had seen this or not, but there was no mention of it in this thread, and i believe it could help out when drifting.

    Does anyone think it'd be possible to set a TC3 up well enough, that it could drift on the stock V-Rage tire's? Im sure with correct Camber, diff, and gear setting's it could be possible.