Tamiya TA-03F PRO Drift Spec #49377

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by poleposition, Oct 10, 2005.


Will you buy this kit when it launch?

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  1. poleposition

    poleposition Guest

  2. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Never been a real fan of Tamiya. Im not one to sacrafise performance for price. I mean, dont get me wrong, i like their kits for drifting and such. But my TC3 has done me better then any tamiya.
  3. poleposition

    poleposition Guest

    I understand. At one time, (in the 80s') I really hated their 'lousy plastic kits' due to the frequent breakage when impact & having to fork extra $ to buy those hop-up parts to improve the kits.

    Nevertheless, times have changed & their product quality substantially improve in recent years. Like this TA-03F chassis which being them closer to the competition from other more renown manufacturers like Yokomo, HPI etc... in the mid-end 1990s.

    Another reason this kit is being considered as my next purchase partly becos of them taking the challenge to launch a belt driven drift kit (as compared to most other shaft driven ones) also this being a PRO kit which should minimise the nos. of hop-up parts required as well as the historic value of this TA-03F chassis.
  4. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Lol... the word Pro doesnt mean crap. I mean, look at hara and such. He drives that pro4 like nothing. Smashing the compition. But you hand that to some 10 year old kid, its not going to get around that track half as fast. But its pro... and hara drove it like a pro!

    Tamiya has good products yes. But theres better for almost the same price any more. Their attempt at belt is nothing new. XXX-S, Pro 1 2 and 3 were all belt drivin. However... in the drift world, Shaft is what its about. I like the pro 3, but thats with heavy modification to the belt drive. You say its good now, but on the road and anything other then carpet, shaft is Proven better.

    I mean to each their own... however, i think that if you have the money, time, and you care about what you buy, you shouldnt sway away from Tamiya. At least settle for the Yok kit if nothing else.
  5. Asinine

    Asinine Guest

    I just picked up my TL-01 chasis for a great deal at a local hobby store after seeing an R/C drift video.

    I'm confident that when i put some PVC tires on it, i'll be sideways all the time. As just a hobbiest, i think my current kit will do just fine, and wouldn't go out and buy a drift specific kit.
  6. magnat

    magnat Guest

    I wont be Buying it.. It looks like the engine is mounted at the front?? One Clip of a Wall or a Really nasty slam into a Curb could cause some damage., Not only that .. I have not even Bought an RC Car yet so I doubt I will be investing in something that Expensive so quickly..
  7. C_Suzuki

    C_Suzuki Guest

    well if im not mistaken the ta-03f is the best drift chassis in japan :?:
  8. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Front mount engine (well... motor...) wouldnt really matter much even if you did hit a wall head on. The sturdyness of chassis now a days are sick. You'd be surprised at what it would take to really damage the mounts of a motor... now, A arms... thats another story :roll:

    But also, its a hit in Japan cause they are Cheap... and Drifting is "the sport". Japan has drifting, Europe has Rally, we have NASCAR :oops: :oops: . So kids all over go and buy that to be like their hero Takumi (Inital D...) and such, but at the same time are short on cash. :idea:

    But in all reality, its not a bad chassis. Its design may not be the greatest, but its also more of a starter car. As mentioned above, theres really no need to buy a "drift" car, because theres really no difference in the cars other then tyres. My big beef with it is its a Tamiya. Not a fan of their work. I've grown to love AE, because thats what i've started with, and the quality is amazing. But at the same time im paying a pretty penny for my TC3, when a TA01; for half the price; can do the exact same.
  9. neige

    neige Guest

    Not worth it

    I dont think its worth it, I had a TA03R chasis and i searched on ebay and found a Tamiya TA03F Pro chasis and purchased it for 75 bux with a lot of accessories. Much cheaper than the actual TA03F Pro Drift.

    In my opinion, i think this chasis is overrated it was a pretty good starter RC car since it has pretty good handling and the Tamiya plastic parts were all pretty durable but the settings are very limited. You cant change the camber, toe angles. And finding Hop-Ups for this chasis is definetly a problem. Maybe after i test out my new Drift tires, it'll change my mind.
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