take a look at these!!

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by top secret, Aug 31, 2005.

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    No, I doubt you could drift them but they are pretty neat looking :)
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    They say they are driftable, but i'd have to see it before i believed it. But ya, those are perty sick looking.
  4. kingcobra

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    they ARE 4wd...and fully proportional. so they should drift just fine...I'm going to get one just to find out. pics soon.
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  6. top secret

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    do you need a charger for this?? and hvat do you need so this can runn?
  7. fozz18

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    it comes with everything, 9.6 volt battery pack as well as 4 hour charger
  8. Kenji_Sasaki

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    my tyco rc !!! yeahhhhh lol

    i just got one 2 weeks ago. This was becasue i wanted to get into drifting and i didn't realize that my tl-01 could have. lol

    This car is amazing. for the price it comes with a 7.2 nicd battery with charger 4 AA and an extra set of wheels that have rubber on them .

    My complaints:
    - glitchy radio system 9 that isn't as responsive as a hobby radio.
    - very noisy gear box do to how the gears are loosly in place
    - no shocks (basically like a bolink pan car)
    -noisy servo
    -cheesy stickers that say drift kings

    - locked diff
    -stock 540 sized motor with a built in turbine
    -metal shaftes on axels and driveshaft
    -hexagonal hub witch is universal to fit hobby wheels
    -threaded wheel nuts
    - the drift wheels can be mounted on most hobby cars
    -tires are abs or hard rubber

    -I made a car domain page for this car
    i added many mods to this car including
    -electric flip lights
    -yellow paint job
    -planning to install head lights


    please visit!!
  9. magnat

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    Kenji !!

    I remember you were Flamed for posting your Drift King on another Forum.. I supported you on that one...

    I would suggest to others that they Try these first before buying into a Drift King


    They are made by HBX, are Tamiya TL-01 replica's and are perfect for getting into drift on the Cheap.. thats if you can win one on e-bay Cheap enough.... Remember to Include $65 Postage because these are shipped world wide from Australia..
    Go into your Own Home Town E-bay and Look up HBX...

    Kenji : your TL-01 will drift, just throw the Drift Tyres from your Drift king onto your TL-01.... :D
  10. Kenji_Sasaki

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    lol actually i was a oringinal member here and i saw this thread and then i saw a link put out for the vids which sent me to rc central lol

    thanks for the tip

    but like i cant really be flamed becasue most of them havent seen this thing go under the control of an experienced hobbyest lol (me) i will post vids soon
  11. SpArKeY_STi

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    But under a "experanced hobbiest" you would need mods done. But i dont say it cant drift, im saying it's probably crappy at it. Just My opinion tho...
  12. Kenji_Sasaki

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    well actually i had just got this car not long ago and that is probably just as far that i would go with this piece. it drifts preety good i will post the vids soon. well having many mods doesn;t mean the hobbyiest is experienced. it could mean some guy with alot of money to waste.
  13. SpArKeY_STi

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    Dont think your getting quite what im saying... so i'll just leave it at that... :arrow: :arrow:
  14. Kenji_Sasaki

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    whatever it doesn't matter i will be sure to show a manji drift down my street in my first drift vid
  15. magnat

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    I look forward to the Vids Kenji

    Post them up soon...
  16. Kenji_Sasaki

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    i am just 300 $ away from video taping it lol i need the cam
  17. SpArKeY_STi

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    umm wow... Target has some for like $100...