T337 HMT Coldstreamer. WW2 Royal Navy armed trawler, scale 1/200

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    Ladies and gents,

    after two months of hard work, I finished my last project:

    T337 HMT Coldstreamer - WW2 Royal Navy armed trawler, scale 1/200.

    The model is designed from scratch, and shows the vessel in her early configuration.

    This one is "standard paper build". No photo-etched parts, laser-cuts formers and other techniques: just paper, knife and glue. And few inches of thin copper wire and fishing line.

    I started from internal construction (framework). As always, frames and deck are glued onto 1mm cardboard:

    Hull skin and framework is designed the way that gives choice to the modeler to build full-hull model or water-line model.
    Hull skin above waterline is glued to the skeleton with step-by-step method (~ one inch in a sequence):
    Foredeck is difficult to form and glue (unlike the rest of the model):[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Next step: hull skin below waterline. I started from the foremost element, towards aft:
    Stern is another tricky part of the build, see why:
    [​IMG] I'm pretty satisfied with the result:thumb:

    The hull:

    Main superstructure. This is simple and small module, no internal framework necessary - I only used 0.5mm to reinforce the "ceiling" [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and thin 1mm stripes to make the edges more rigid:

    I added also a small construction on the aft:
    and started to glue deck details:

    Main superstructure continuation. Simple boxes. The funnel (?) is made w/out internal reinforcements: it's just slightly flattened tube:

    Deck details. I dont know how You name it, but the pics will explain everything:

    Stairs. Another challenging element. It was not necessary to cut out the steps, but this element is designed to do this:

    Stern 20mm gun mount and boat-deck:

    Air intakes or wentilation on the midship deck:

    Midship 20mm gun mount:

    Main deck gun mount and some anchoring equipment (please name it for me):

    General view:

    Mk XIX QF main gun turret, DC rack Mk9, main mast:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Mast is made of sorta big toothpick, the boom - of traditional toothpick :)

    Further details and rigging:

    This is my idea for 20mm Oerlikon guns:
    Each gun consists of seven elements.

    And the final pics:


    I hope You like it.

    HMT Coldstreamer, scale 1/200 has been designed on Modelarstwo Okretowe* magazine request and will be published in November 2011.

    * Polish ship modeler's magazine.