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    The T-2500 was an unpopular locomotive made by Lima. It was a dual-prime-mover engine for transfer service, back in the days when dedicated transfer engines were being built. Its general appearance - a massive 6-axle centercab - makes it impossible to confuse with anything other than a Baldwin DT-6-6-2000 or Baldwin RT-624 (see the threads on those models).

    http://www.northeast.railfan.net/images/prr5676.jpg PRR T-2500. Note: No side sills. Walkways level all along. Headlight at top of nose. Grille on side of hood very large and prominent, almost full height of hood. One exhaust stack per hood, near end, very tall. Baldwin-style trucks with outboard axles closer, like most 6-axle engines with uneven axle spacing, but unlike DT-6-6-2000s and RT-624s.