Switch motor advice... before i just build an oval!

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    i have a small layout in progress with 9 switches... 3 are for sidings and 6 are in pairs for chaning tracks (sorry, don't know the propers term for that)

    all are small peco electrofrog code 55 turnouts. and all are fitted with peco switch motors (PL10 i think)

    so far the motors are all fitted under the ply baseboard with a small hole for the arm to operate the switch.

    the 3 single switches work fine, but the 6 turnouts in pairs are a problem.

    i want to swithc both together as there is no need to operate them individually.

    i have them wired in parallel, but when i operate them they either don't move at all, or only switch one way and have to be reset by hand

    i have tried cutting a bigger hole and mounting the motors directly to the turnouts to get more leverage, but i still have the same problem.

    i am using a gaugemaster CDU in the system... i beleive i should be able to switch 6 motors at once with this, but i can't even do 2!!

    any ideas...?!?

    thanks all,

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    do the ones in pairs work if you fire them one by one?
    Do you have the same Peco point motors on all of them? There is low amperage variation PL10W that might affect it's partner.