Super detailing a NS GP60

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    I'm going to super detail an HO Athearn GP60. I have a few questions about parts. I would appreciate if you can give manufacturer if possible.

    1. What kind of horn is on a NS GP60?

    2. Who makes a good NS pilot mount ditch light?

    3. What version of coupler lift bar should be used? (I was thinking Details Associates EMD Modern, Type 2 Walthers #229-2227)

    4. MU Cables? (Don’t know too much about them so I was thinking about Details West Receptable, Plug Cable Walthers #235-219)

    5. Snow plow? (I would use Details West CSX, NS plow but the GP60 one looks different)

    6. Antennas? (From recent pictures I noticed GP60’s have an air conditioner and a long sinclair, just wondering if there are any firecrackers up there)

    Thanks for any help or tips.

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    Can't help you on the NS specific details. But here's some numbers I used when I super detailed my GP-60.

    Snow Plow:Metal Minatures.....PL-59, EMD Plow
    Coupler Lift Bars..Detail Asscociates........SY2211
    Grab Irons..........Deatail Asscociates.......SY2202

    A little hint: If replacing the lift rings, go with the metal ones from Details West. I tried the plastic ones and they seemed to brake if you just sneeze. I finally replaced them with metal ones.

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