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    Feb 18, 2012
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    So I'm not just new to this hobby, I literally just discovered it on accident whilst browsing the chans of four. By this hobby, I mean paper models, I've been a hobbyist for years, mostly games workshop based stuff and that's how I stumbled upon this. I was on the homepage of 4chan, in the recent posts thumb nails I could have sworn I saw the daedelus from Stargate, so pursued it, and found it was in fact a thunder hawk pdf on a board I did not know existed. But enough about that, I've been directed to this forum from... I honestly don't know, actually, I started looking for some easy builds to try my hands on and found that there were some here from some very talented people, and while I was disappointed by the fact that I have to work a bit before I can access said builds, I can understand and respect that rule.

    I've never really done anything with paper other than airplanes and even then I wasn't very good, so I don't know how exciting any new posts I make will be, so I will probably, for now, at least, only be commenting and asking questions, learning.

    Anyway I don't know if this post is really what it was supposed to be, I'm honestly a little intimidated by this whole set up, and hope I didn't do anything wrong yet and uh, yeah, I'll be lurking until I have something to ask or say, thanks for taking the time to read this little introduction of mine though its hard to call it that as it rapidly devolved into a rambling mess and oh jeez it continues even now I think it best I just end the post here before it gets out of my control!
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    Just pick a model of a subject you are interested, maybe better if you know the object. Then it will make sense in building it. Get some 110 lb card stock paper to start with. Most simpler models will be done great with paper that think, I use that size the most often. Some glue made by UHU, not Elmers though, it is too watery. and a nice pair of scissors and an Exacto knife, with many blades. Start building an don't worry about how it comes out. If you mess up a part, printout another! Posting your picture builds will allow others to help you. We are supportive around here, and will help you help yourself to reach the level you desire. :welcome1: aboard!! :)