Storage Box for Paper Models Part One

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    The following pictures detail the construction of a cardboard storage box that protects models from light, dust and damage. When the lid is removed, the bottom of the box serves as the display base for the model. The box is easily transported from place to place using the finger grips on each end. I fasten my architectural models directly to the base. Archiving models in this way makes it easy to rotate models for display in a dedicated area such as a glass case or display table.

    Corrugated cardboard is readily available as preassembled flat storage boxes at most office supply outlets. Once cut open,they provide material for box sides and tops. Spanning a pre-scored fold is not a problem.

    The display base is made of 1/4 in. MDF and surrounded with a 3/4 in. white pine molding which has been routed with two rabbets. The inner 1/4 in.rabbet seats the base. (see photo) The outer, deeper rabbet lets the lid slide down past the base and rest on the bottom of the rabbet. The molding is mitre jointed at the corners.

    Here are the photos detailing the frame around the base: