Steering servo??

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by SiDeWaYz, Jun 8, 2005.

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    i finally got mines dirty, but theres one problem but im not sure if its my steering servo or just simply the setting of my controller because when i try driving it straight it turns to the right could it be the servo?( i tried putting it on the middle as good as i can get) or i just need to set my controller left and right settings?they both have the same value (100 each side)so again i need help from the drift pro's!!thanks!
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    Lol. Not at all to be rude, we all go threw (or went ;)) threw this phase of noobage. Its embarrassing, but it happnes. I would recomend to you, to set everything down, turn it all off, and read the manuals for everything. There is A LOT! That could go to this problem. The solution is probly trim setting is off. So what you should do is have a sit with the TX and car in front of you, and read the manual. Find out where everthing is, what everthing is called, and how each button and such works, and reacts in relation to the car. As to prove that we all do this, i am right now reading a manual to my new Dirt bike. I know most about it, but i still read it, just to get all the information i can.

    This means nothing twoard what i think of you, but your jumping to conclusions (sort of :? ) and asking us, when its under the trouble shooting section in the manuals. If you did not recieve a manual with it, that is a legit argument, and i will find one in PDF format, or i will scan mine and send it to ya :wink:

    P.S. Just because i think i know the problem, ill help you for this one. Take the TX and set EVERYTHING to 0. Turn it on, turn on the car (post it up off the ground). It may jump, motor may spin, ect. But take the servo off the mounts, and remove your servo arm. Post it on there as striaght as you can. Go threw your manual for the ESC. Find the "Setting your ESC" instructions. Set the 100% Throt and brake, and neutral positions. Then use the Steering trim to set the steering the slighest bit to correct it. Then you have maximum throw for both ways left and right, and throttle trims for when you need it.