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    Hi. My 2.5 yr old grandson is obsessed with trains and has been mesmerized since he was 10 months old. He lives with me and my dream is to build him the tracks that go around the wall/ceiling. Im great at building things, however, i know nothing about electric trains. So i have two questions what is a great starter train set for this project that is reasonably-priced (that i can add to later) ? And is there the option to buy extra tracks for that set since i will obviously need a lot of them?
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    I have moved your post to Introductions. As per forum Rules, you post satisfied the introduction so on to business!

    Yo u have to decide what scale you are going with N scale are the very small, though not smallest, but can be finicky, then there "O" scale, which is a nice size. I believe
    "HO" is the most comment, and will give you the most options. There have been big advancement in trains and you can have trains going the opposite directions on the same two rails. You probably should go to a good Train shop, and look at what they have. Bill Nelson, is among the most knowledgeable members on trains, and he could help you get started better than I. I think a decision on scale is the first step. ;)

    Welcome to ZEALOT!! :)
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    Welcome to Zealot!! Sounds like someone has a Great Grand Pa! My first set of trains were HO scale...but I was about 5 when I got those...they were German made and built to last! In my opinion, that would be just about the right scale ( HO ) up high like you are contemplating, and still be able to enjoy them!..also there are TONS of extras available for that scale!
    Best to do some research and just see whats out there...this first link is a British Blog...Great Stuff
    but both require you to register....

    this is an online magazine or you can download in pdf...and there is also a community blog with GREAT stuff!!

    I would also recommend e-bay and you can get a lot of great deals cheaply...just watch out on the shipping!!