stargate (the gate room)

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  1. hi guys ive started modeling the gate room in google sketchup its going well i have the gate and am working on the room pics soon but the only proble ill have is texturing not that good at it nor im i that good with unfolding in pep so anyone who can help with that id be happy
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    I'd love to help, but right now I can only cheer you on and hope for the best. I would love to see this project completed.
  3. thanks ill have images soon so far i only have the gate ramp in a box i need to add the shape to the walls still but cant do anyting to do today ive been seperated from the laptopwall1
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    starhip i can help with the unfolding not a problem but i cant help with the texturing sorry im not good enough for that, if you want me to handle the pep for ya jus pm me anytime
    all the best
  5. thanks thatll help alot iv tried unfolding before but it looked like a bomb hit
  6. ok here ya go the stargate and ramp arent finished the need all the rails steps etc and the walls need the correct shape of them im also considering doing the control room overall its going well for my first model

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