Star Wars model CHALLENGE!

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by oriod01, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    This has to be seen to be believed, a model of the Death Star Turbo Laser Tower... with insane detail This model is styrene and a lot of kit bashing. It would be sweet to see someone (perhaps Jules at Paper Replika) do this in paper to scale with some of the X-wings out there. I wouldn't expect quite the detail of the model at this site, but if someone like Jules did it it would be impressive and available (not to mention accessible) to all.:thumb:

    P.S. This will come up as 'page not found' on that page you need to go to the end of the address and delete everything after the '.htm' (it's putting a '):eek:' at the end and I can't get it edited out of the link here). Sorry
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    Impressive... most impressive.
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    Fixed your link. :cool:

    Tony's turbolaser is indeed an impressive piece. I am in awe of it and may be tempted to do a card model of it.
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    There's many Star wars subject I'd love to tackle. I have a Star Destroyer Turbo Laser Turret on the books that's designed to sit on top ( guard) your LCD monitor.. Its no where as complex as that magnificent model though.

    IMHO, the only problem with large super detailed models, is the assembly guides. They take me twice / three times as long to do, as the models themselves.. I'm just lazy i guess.

    It would be an impressive subject in paper!! I hope you find some takers.