Star trek TNG Prop Collection

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    no probs m8 any chance of the batleth m8 :twisted: ?
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    If you need any photos or drawings, see if you can get hold of skip. I sent him a load of star trek books a while back, there was a lot of prop and ship drawings in those.
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    Jul 16, 2008
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  4. yeah i actyally have the images to make one with and the mek'leth (funnt knife thing)
  5. hey guys ive got loads more done on the pahser rifle lots of layered hand grips and layerd parts ie added a recessed control panel with layerd buttons and raised parts on the emmiter ill have pics soon. but all is going good with it it is exaxtly 60cm in legnth which is why i want detail on it or else it will look stupid next up is the radar screen it needs a little recess for the screen. pics soon guys ill show the basic unfold and the finished mesh.
  6. well its done textures and all there basic textures same metal effect as my other oneds because well it dosent have many colours this monstor will need instructions also sadly the hinge couldnt be done at that scale it was to fiddly and complex. theres only one thing and that handle grips on the two handles wich ill do know they should be simple ill just coppy the handle part and cut it up into the grip. pics soon pdf later
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    I can't wait for the rifle to get done, it will look graet with this (my build's of The Haggard's models)

  8. well not sure if it will be as good as his but we will see
  9. ohh also ive just uploaded it download now and if you build any of my models please show me pics ill put them on my site and the starbase is one step closer thanks to help from nothing applying teaxtures.
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    The plans look good so far, thank you!:thumb:
  11. thanks i may still tweak the pahser change things the emmiter may need changing at some point JUST DONE CUT OUT THE WHITE PARTS ON THE SQUARES
  12. thanks for your comments on my site
  13. hey guys ive dded the PDO for the rifle for part identification no teaxtures just for identification
  14. also guys next prop up will be nemmesis phaser once i find refrences and the isolinear chips just need the cd i saved the textures on. but whilst looking for stuff on the nemmesis im starting the dustbuster phaser.
  15. heres my progress on the dustbuster (phaser) the handle and top body needs work there nor uite right yet but due to its unusual shape its funny getting it right but heres progress ill have a mess around in meta to get the handle right and top body then unfold and upload then nemmesis phaser and possibly the nemmesis rifle see if i have enough experience for it. no promises on the rifle as of yet tho

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    looking real good!
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    the "cobra" phaser looks good!

    maybe we should think about a Star Trek Storm Troop:twisted:
  18. i found some good orthos of it wich i used for a new mesh and its the first one im actually able to teaxture its a complex model hoever lots of curves etc. Also for these phaser and rifle modles ill release the PDO with them for help on parts. Im also planning on a new ship Deepspace 2 its essentially just two starbase saucer stuck together. PICS soon on the "DUSTBUSTER" Also how do you guys like ion cannons What worf used in insurrection
  19. thanks means alot that people are liking my work and ill have some more stuff soon also guys keep an eye out for the starbase project and for Deep Space 2.
    as a small update the phaser rifle ive started a beta build and ill be changing a few things on it mainly trigger and the width an the top and a teaxture change to make it simmilar to albanion risings props with simple basic colours also ive unfolded the dusbuster but anyone now the dimensions of it so i can get it the correct size.
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    Nice work on the Dustbuster. I actually think it's the ugliest phaser design, but hey, whaddo I know? :mrgreen:

    Excellent work all around, Starship Builder. :thumb: