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    Jul 5, 2006
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    One of the more enjoyable aspects of this somewhat underground hobby is showing it off to people who have no idea what's possible in paper. I've had the good fortune to display my models and modeling techniques to the public at the Experimental Aircraft Association's "AirVenture" Museum in Oshkosh, WI. One of the docents there, John Larson, is an avid and long-time paper modeler. (Fiddlers Green's J-3 Cub carries the N-number of John's old full-size Cub.) He and I, and other paper modelers display our stuff at special events: "Paper Airplane Weekend," "Model Airplane Weekend," and "Family Flight Fest" weekend.

    I've so far corrupted several folks into the hobby through these events. Some of them now consider themselves "recovering plastic modelers." One of them joins us regularly at the displays. The Milwaukee IPMS club which I met through the museum has asked for a presentation on paper models sometime this fall. Up the Revolution! (Okay, so I'm a child of the '60s.)

    To avoid answering the same questions over and over again, I've put together some brief handouts (PDF files) on "Getting Started in Paper Modeling." My handouts have also been useful during raids on local IPMS clubs.

    I'll send the handouts to anyone who asks. Please be patient. If you need them "yesterday" for an upcoming show, say so.

    No worries....
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    Jan 25, 2004
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    Gospel According to St. Dave...,

    Hi Dave,

    You've discovered a nice way to spread the word. The plastic model marketplace has lost its affordability and seems to be on a dead end path. Meanwhile former customers have discovered that the combination of computer, printer, scanner, software and multimedia opens a modeling World last practised before the advent of injected molded styrene plastic model kits. An interesting but nearly predictable turn of events. This is reminiscent of several site times ago when a similar subject came up regarding whether it was permissable to utilize other than just paper in a paper model:

    How to paper the "it's made of paper issue"....,

    When asked what it's made of reply, "paper".
    When the enquirer persists reply, "yes, you are very observant, it's made of paper".
    When the enquirer somewhat testily persists about the blown canopy reply, "yes I tried that and it turned out to be very difficult indeed so I made it out of paper".
    Now the persistent observer is accusing you of being one step down from the level of the village idiot you blandly reply, "yes, he's a good friend of mine and we both enjoy the hobby. Did I tell you it's made of paper?"
    The persistent observer by now can be seen stamping angrily away...., call after him, "It's made of paper you know"....,

    -Gil in Redux
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    Feb 12, 2005
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    I'm going to be in Oshkosh (weather permitting) on the 25th, I think so if you're going to have a booth there please let me know so I can stop by. Also I can contribute Airwolf to your display, that ought to get some interest.

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    Sep 26, 2005
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    Howdy Guys,

    I too, thru devious and cunning means, am currently corrupting several people over at http://www.scale-models.co.uk/ which is just what it says, a forum for scale modelers. However, the art of card modeling has passed some of them by and it is like I am introducing a whole new world to them.
    Being currently off work for a neck injury (I get another epidural steroid injection tomorrow), I have been building plastic kits since alot of tedious cutting is not something that isnt real comfortable right now. I started off by posting a few of my plastic kits in my gallery there and then came across a post of one of their members looking for a sea fury model...........so I showed him the link to NOBI's site and his download of that model....next it was someone wanting ship models, so I showed them the link to the free download of the USS NIMITZ model, then it was something else and something else after that. I have spent most of my time in that site speaking about card models and inviting those folks over here.
    And while I am at it, I will invite ya'll to visit that site too by clicking http://www.scale-models.co.uk/ . They are good people and the site is very similar to this one. That site doesnt specify "plastic models" but most are although they are receptive to card models too.
    Now as for the price of plastic kits as mentioned by Gil. The prices are $#@&!%* nuts! I spent $177.00 on 7 kits three weeks ago, and spent $130.00 on 5 kits last saturday night (I am still waiting on them to arrive). Cardmodels are a whole lot more econimical.
    I have rambled enough, I will continue to try to entice ppl here. If you want to check out my gallery of plastic models, you can look here. http://www.scale-models.co.uk/gallery/browseimages.php?do=member&imageuser=398

    Have a good day,:)

    Greg aka GW