Spray guns (need help choosing an airbrush).

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by jhh72, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Hello forum.
    I have recently bought many HOn3 Rail Line kits as well as some Durango Press kits and a few of the Rare roundhouse HO and HOn3 shays and steamers all of which need to be painted.I will also be weathering a very large stock of RTR HO,HOn3 and N scale gear.
    Has anyone here had much experience with spray guns and can point some tips before purchase?I am looking into Iwata brand myself but has anyone used them etc?I went to the Iwata website and there are many spray guns to choose from but i have narrowed it down to 3.The Revolution HP-TR1 or TR2 pistol grip,Eclipse HP-CS and lastly the High Performance HP-C plus..Some reviews say great for models yet others say poor etc..:confused: I simply have no background knowledge in this area as i have never use one b4,,so far all i know is if one can afford it go with Iwata and get a gravity feed over the bottom suction feed?
    Any advice/info greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
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    I have an Iwata Eclipse which I'm very satisfied with. It's easy to clean and has a nice stock spray pattern. I'm partial to gravity-feed types, which is what the Eclipse is, because they're easier to maintain and have a more consistent stream (in my opinion), but your mileage may vary.
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    I have been using the same HP-C for 20 years. It is a great all purpose airbrush and will do fine detail or cover a larger areas. And after 20 years it still looks, feels, and works great. Part of that is proper maintenance and cleaning which should be observed for any airbrush.
    I also use an Eclipse HP-BCS which is a siphon feed. It is good for larger work, and is equivalent to the Pache VL that I have as well.
    At work (I work as a painter) I have a new HP-C Plus which works well.

    For HO scale, an Iwata HP-C is perfect and will last a long time.

    I have also used a $20 airbrush from Harbor Freight that worked surprisingly well, though you do get what you pay for. I use those for paints that are difficult to clean and it does not matter if the brush gets destroyed. Just go buy a new one.