Sportwerks chaos fs

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    OK well its time to sell my chaos! I have not ran this little buggy much. For some reason ive always had a problem tuning it and getting it to run right and now thats its winter here im gonna let it go! Included:

    1 1/16 nitro buggy with all electronics
    upgraded yellow 7 spoke rims
    brand new tires (1 glued on funny)
    yellow wing to match rims
    4 AAA rechargeable batts
    stock rims/tires and white wing
    airfilter is included not but pictured

    I bought the 4 rechargeable AAA to use as reciver batts but the 4 AAA I bought for the car never died(havent ran this buggy that much) On the bottom of the chassis it is missing 2 motor screws and the other 2 I used my dremel to put a notch in it to get them lose. The spur gear has 2 flat teeth on it so that will need to be replaced.
    I bought this buggy for 280 plus 10 for the rechargeable batts which are brand new. I am asking 85 dollars shipped 2 day priority mail. I would try and sell this on ebay but there is only a few items on there for the chaos. The price im selling this buggy for is a steal!

    I took a bunch of pictures but there to big to post here and rcpix is being stupid to me right now. Drop me a email and I will send them out I take paypal or money orders.