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    Hi all,

    I went to the local Barnes & Noble this evening, to drown my sorrow about the Dutch football team losing in the World Cup(to all the dutch members, de scheids is een hondelul)

    I wanted to pick up a couple of magazines or a book or two, what I found in the Aviation section of the Periodicals section, from Key Publishing.

    "Spitfire 70"

    It is a special issue detailing the total history of the Spitfire, all models, all squadrons, and everything a Spit' fan wants.
    The issue also chronicles the Seafire, Spiteful and Seafang, and the Schneider' Trophy seaplanes.

    I bought my issue for $15.50, for 100 pages, A4 sized glossy mag.

    I have checked out the website of Key Publishing, and found that the magazine is on sale

    I know there are some Spit' freaks in the collective, I hope this is something they might like to get.