"Spirit's" Delta II launch vehicle....

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    Howdy all....
    I added some photos of my just-completed Delta II 7925-9.5 launch vehicle to my album. The particulars on the model:

    Delta II 7925-9.5 No. 298
    Launch vehicle for MER-A, “Spiritâ€
    1/72nd scale
    Kit: Philippus Lansbergen, available online at

    This is a card model of the Delta II rocket used to launch the Mars rover “Spirit†on 10June03. It is a Delta II model 7925-9.5, and was No. 298.

    The model was built stock, but with a few modifications. A cardboard model rocket tube was used for the main body of the rocket, and smaller tubes were for the solid rocket boosters. The model was shortened by a little less than an inch to make it the correct height.