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    Hi all! I just started drifting this week. That stuff is crazy! Anyway...I have a problem and I need some advice. I have a Traxxas 4-Tec and I am using tapped tires. If your familiar with the 4 tec you know it has a mechanical speed control. At first I got my car for racing, but I also want to drift. Im thinking about the gt7, quantum competition 2, novak dually, and a brushless system. I hear the brushless has great torque but lack speed. Is that true? What other problems have you guys had with these speedos? Thanks!
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    brushless got shietloads of torque...i left 1 metre of foam tyre with a tl01 when dragging the v-oneR nitro car...i floored it off the line.
    lol...i lost...nooooo. but i beat a v-oneS by around a metre, 40metre drag.
    i had gears tuned for maximum speed...and i still left tyre marks.
    my BL ss5800 is 5800rpm/v...so thats like 40000rpm...10T motor...and acceleration will depend on how good the batt is...a better battery will put out more power faster i think, and the car should seem faster.
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    i think you should go for the novak dually. it has good pricing and it can handle turns all the way down to 12T (i think...). this ESC a good all around use for drifting and competitive racing. for drifting, you should use a 27T high torque motor which the ESC can handle real good...and plus your mechanical speed controller will burn out eventually.