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    Sep 26, 2005
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    Hey Guys,

    I dont know if this has been mentioned or not, but hallmark stores, stores that sell picture frames and stores that actually frame pictures are all good sources of card stock material (they call it "matting"), I just returned from a local store here called "captured moments" with an armful of "matting" scraps. They may be scraps but they are great for formers and inter-structural skeletal work. Even a 1 inch wide strip 10 inches long can be used as a wing root, and still have to be cut down. So its true what they say, "one mans junk is another mans treasure".
    Ya know, it dont take alot to make a card modeler happy, give him a few scraps of paper, some glue and scissors, colored pens and pencils and he can create the world......LITERALLY.
    Anyway, drop by and visit the local picture framing store and ask them about scraps of matting material, even the smallest pieces can be used.
    Another place is printing companies, especially around election time, they are responsible for those yard signs, another good source of heavy card, which can be but to size on a paper cutter.
    Well just thought I would throw that out there, if anyone else has other sources, please, share the knowledge.