some fast track queastions

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    Jun 25, 2006
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    is there such as a way to have a turn table when useing fast track?

    and i want to run 2 mainline trains, and one line for switching, (rail yard, depot, factorys,)
    i want to run the 3 lines indvidlaly, but be able to move trains from line to line, what is the track peices i need from fast track to break up the power? so one train run from this transformer, and this train run from another one but the tracks hooked togeather.?
    is it called a block?

    i been looking on a few websites that sell fast track but none really have a decription of what each piece of track is for. i ordered 35 feet of track the other day to make my first mainline, , just straghts and curves, in the next couple of months i will be ordering the track for the 2nd mainline, and then ordering the switchis, and sidding , and any other pieces i need, but i need to know for sure what i need before ordering much more.

    i started this project out just replacing my O-27 track with fast track, but same track plan, but now after i orders my first line im replacing i decided to change almost the whole

    my layout is 2 4x8 sheets of plywood in an L shape.

    the site i an ordering the stuff from is

    i looked at all the sites that get thrown out alot in the forums and did a search and looked at like 20 more, and found this site to be the cheapest, WAY CHEAPER, then the rest i looked at.