So what is everyones Job?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by tsispyder, Jun 3, 2004.

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  1. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    Well how do you fund your car, (real or R/C) habit? lets see what everyone does

    Im a Jet Engine Specialist on C-130s t-56 stuff
  2. Onikyan

    Onikyan Guest

    Technical Specialist at a software company.
  3. I go to school :D :) i just save up my lunch money for the little stuff(parts i break) and my dad pays for the big stuff.
  4. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Guest

    IT Director for an insurance company, as I always say im basically an overpaid computer nerd :)

    My real passion is designing wan networks, cisco routers and security designs.
  5. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    yeah that shounds like a sweet job Drifter, Ive been tryign to find a way to crack intot he wireless network on base aso i can get broadband lol,...but noone can help me ....on the lunch money thing...i remember when i was racint my Nitro MT in high school i saved up my money for like a month a didnt eat at all for a new motor lol..
  6. Im a student in grade 6. I sacraafice lunch money all the time for my Savage and TC3
  7. r2drift2

    r2drift2 Guest

    im security for a hospital. i work grave shift and mostly in the morgue. scary stuff. but im going back to school this coming sept. for pharmacy tech. my wife supports me sometimes on parts i need or break. she's cool like that.
  8. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    yeha My GF is supporting my show car habit..she isnt to keen about me spending more money on rc cars...i already spend about 700 a month on my car..adn thast aftermatrket stuff
  9. two sheds

    two sheds Guest

    i basically scan stuff all day long into a computer at a is boring as it sounds.
  10. JZZ30

    JZZ30 Guest

    Well...I take out the trash every week. actually i dont even get paid for that anymore. but my friend gives me money :D What a friend... :?
  11. mmm

    I work at Target...and doin yr12, yay exams tomorry
    Retail is gay shit kids, look elsewhere.
  12. Nick S.

    Nick S. Guest

    Work for my gramps.
  13. jaxx

    jaxx Guest

    work for my dad... allowance... hehe... im so spoiled... :)

    drifter, i wanna do that man, i love settin up networks...

    and the person looking for broadband... try this site: and llike that... need a wireless card that is supported? linksys, its ok, but i love my proxim card... search for it on, 8420-wd i think it is.... yeah... thats it, just pulled it out for a sec and looked at it...dont get caught, what ever u do. lol

    ^^^ little iffy, im not resposible for what kind of trouble u get your self into. these are for 'detecting and securing YOUR OWN NETWORK'

    yeah, still in school, 3 years left of HS, then more school.... grrr
  14. AE86 Drifter

    AE86 Drifter Guest

    i work construction. it sucks. i want to go to school but cant decide what i wanna do. i am planning on starting my GE courses this fall or next spring at southwest tennessee community college and then transferring to the university of memphis. i still dont know what i wanna do though. i also kinda want to go to wyotech and work on cars. i would love to fabricate custom cars like troy trepanier or chip foose
  15. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    i got netstumbler but they are on a secured network...netstumbler helped me find the network im on now!!
  16. mfzero

    mfzero Guest

    Service Coordinator at a Porsche, Audi, VW performance and repair shop. 8)
  17. Drifta4tec

    Drifta4tec Guest

    i am a automechanic and a drag racer in everett washington
  18. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    what you race nad what engine setup
  19. Yertle

    Yertle Guest

    Im a S**t-kicker in a factory, crappy work, crappy hours but its enough to keep all my filty habbits funded (Nitro drift, Nitro Off road jumping and Downhill MTB). :)
  20. Pooti

    Pooti Guest

    I work in a Govt department as a Helpdesk operator for the employment- market systems we have. So yes, a Computer nerd i am.

    However, i build fast street cars, enjoy the company of fine ladies and spend every summer wakeboarding my ass off, so im not married to my PC just yet...
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